He chuckled, hands oh so slowly wandering south.

"Maybe~ I don’t really remember," he cooed, batting his long eyelashes at the other. "I think I need a refresher."

His body settled between Greed’s legs as he spoke, pressing closer and closer.

He rolled his eyes, the fingers of his free hand becoming lost in Broadway’s hair.

"I guess you’re right. Listen up, because I’m not going to repeat myself…”

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Broady all too happily followed the direction the other was going. His hands slid under Greed’s bottom, and soon the younger one was on top of the other on the comfy couch. 

Mmmmmmaaaybe,” he purred huskily; fingers finding the other’s buttons to slowly pull them open.

He licked at his lips, letting himself melt into the cushions, one leg draped over the edge of the couch.

"Just maybe?” he grinned, hands trailing from the other’s shoulders to gingerly pull his glasses away.

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"True enough," he cooed, eyes wandering along Greed’s body as the other pulled his tie away. "We’ll do a tour of England then. On our way back from Marrakesh and all that Jazz. How does England, Ireland and Scotland sound? We’ll do whatever you want to do. Go anywhere you want to go. And if I start talking business, stop me."

Broadway grinned, leaning up to nuzzle their lips together ever so slightly.

"Because the big, green Business Bug bit me pretty hard.”

"I guess that’s a start," he murmured as he began to lean back; attempting to pull the other along with him despite their positions. "Maybe central Europe, too, and…"

He nipped at the proffered lips, unable to hide his own cheeky little smirk.

"… And you like it, don’t you?”

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The actor wiggled once more, giving the other man a squeeze. The kisses continued, and he was all too happy to run his hand up and down the other’s back.

"Where’s the one place in the world you’ve always wanted to go? Tell me. We’ve done so many things that I’ve wanted to do, but now I want to do things you want to do too. It’s not all about me. Even if you think there’s no reason to go, I’ll make reasons.”

"… Me?” His brow furrowed momentarily as he thought, lips pursed ever so slightly. “Well, I’ve always wanted to see more of Europe. I went once on business, but I wasn’t really allowed to leave the building the conference was held at except to be escorted to and from my plane.”

He let his suspenders slide down his shoulders, one hand moving to tug his tie loose.

"We don’t really need to make reasons, though, do we? I mean, it would probably be in our best interests, but it’s not one hundred percent necessary… right?”

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"Think India," he said, teasingly poking the other’s nose. "They’re these really pretty looking hotels, and they’re in lovely areas. I want to research all of the food and what better way than to go there and experience the culture first hand, right?"

And cue another neck smooch.

"We’ll go other places too. We’ll literally see the world together!"

Erin paused, smiling sheepishly at the other.

"I-If..that’s something you’d like, I mean."

He let out a low, rumbly sort of hum at the contact, his eyes half-lidded.

Oh yes, that sounded very appealing.

"I’d love it,” he agreed, his voice much softer than before. Even if it was purely for business reasons, it was still a chance to explore the world and, moreover, a chance to do so with Broadway. It was more on an extended honeymoon, if anything.

… Not that they weren’t currently experiencing that, of course, but still.

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"I have two answers for that question: The business answers, and the dirty answers. But I’m going to give you the business answers,” he cooed with a snicker. “I’d have you help me balancing the finances, maybe looking into some of the properties online. Also~”

He leaned up to kiss the other man’s neck.

"I need someone to come with me on a few ‘business trips’ to do some research on some of the things I want to sell in the new tea shops," he cooed, giving the other a squeeze. "I’ve looked in the budget and we have enough to cover it. And I can write it off on the taxes~"

The thespian wiggled slightly under his lover.

"I was thinking places like Riad Kniza hotel in Marrakesh and The Oberoi in Udaipur.”

He let out a wheezy little breath at Broadway’s teasing, all but clinging to him as he explained.

"… I have no idea where either of those are and that’s fantastic.”

Anywhere else in the world was preferable at this point, though he wouldn’t admit it aloud, particularly not to him.

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Erin gave a soft giggle, pulling the other closer.

I love you, you silly goose.”

And spare affection he did have, but only for Greed. Said affection was casually showered on the other man in the form of kisses and squeezes, before he began to pull his husband towards the living room couch. 

"But enough about business for tonight. About tomorrow! I found a bunch of neat little places we should check out. They’re also kinda new-agey, but they looked interesting. There’s a coffee shop, a Popsicle place, some herbal remedy store, a place that I think sells things like tarot cards and stuff. It’s different from the things we usually do, but I think maybe some change will be good."

Broadway flopped down on the couch before moving to try and pull the other man into his lap.

"And we’ll go see whatever else catches out eye while we’re down there. I think there’s a Joanne’s too, if you need anything for your room project you’ve been working on."

And then the smooches continued before he paused to speak once more.

"I’m sorry there hasn’t been as much for you to do lately…I’ve noticed that you’ve gotten kind of bored. So uh..I was thinking..I was your assistant before. How would you feel about being my assistant now? Would give you more things to work on."

He perked up again at the mention of leaving the house. The places Broadway wanted to go weren’t exactly his idea of a good time, but at least it was something.

Aaactually I’ve just been ordering supplies online,” he admitted as he scooted into position, one arm wrapped around Broadway’s shoulders to hold himself in place.

"… Mmn? Assistant? Me?”

His head tilted, gently resting his cheek on his own shoulder as he mulled the offer over.

"What exactly would you have me do?"

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"Depends on where in the states. Like I said, Seattle would be all for it. There are even some places like that there now," he said, hooking his fingers into Greed’s belt loops to tug him in for yet another kiss.

"Everyone’s so focused on health food and dieting. Tea us supposedly better for you than coffee."

And of course, as he said that the thespian reached for his mug of after-dinner coffee to sip at it daintily.

"And after the tea shops open and I get a few more coffee shops in there, I can think about merchandising. I mean the coffee shops sell mugs now, but they’re just mugs I found wholesale. I can actually think about producing mugs and merch with the company name on them."

He hovered in the vicinity of the actor as he spoke, just in case he had any more spare affection to aim in his general direction.

"So what you’re saying is instead of just targeting the hipsters, you’re planning on targeting the mega-hipsters who have tons of disposable income and will jump on board with whatever’s ‘new' and 'in'…”

A grin crept across his face.

"… It’s brilliant~!

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The younger one happily took the plate, putting the last of the dishes away before he moved to wrap his arms around his husband’s waist; swaying with him softly.

"Soooort of~," he cooed. "Opening two new stores, and I came up with all kinds of other expansion ideas. Within the next year, I’d like to open at least 50 different locations, and I was thinking of also starting up a secondary but still connected business. Tea shops. There’s this explosion of New-Age culture love, and I feel like a Tea House with teas from all over the world and vegetarian food options would attract a lot of people. Especially in places like Seattle.”

He grinned, giving the other a squeeze as he turned him around to smooch his lips.

"Also, I found a new area for us to explore here in Florida. It’s called the Milk District, and it’s up in Winter Garden. It’s a little bit of a drive from here, but we’ve already done everything around here and finding some new places to have fun in seems like it’s just what you need."

And with that, he smooched the other’s nose.

And as usual, he all but melted into the other’s grasp, allowing himself to be moved however Broadway desired.

"… Tea?”

He paused in his query to relish the brief lip contact… and put away a clean glass.

"Is tea really such a big thing now? I mean, here in the States and all…?”

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The actor-turned-business-man’s fingers flew across the keys of his laptop as he stared at the screen.His business had only grown since they’d come to Florida. After all, even on Vacation he’d been taking care of the expansion.

He now had three different shops opened up other than the first one: One in southern California, one in New York and one in Washington state. Already he was looking into opening another shop in San Francisco, California to match the popularity of the one he had lower down in the state, one in Good ol’Las Vegas, Nevada, and another shop in Texas.

And yet there was still more to come!

He couldn’t believe he’d become so successful so quickly. Must have been the luck of the draw.

As he finished sending out the emails to the Realtors about the locations he’d picked out for the new shops, he closed up his computer and headed off to the kitchen.

The kitchen of their oh so lovely house on Disney Property.

It really was like a dream come true. The thespian was all a flutter that he lived right around the corner from Rapunzel and all of his favorite Disney attractions. It was all because of Greed’s birthday gift, and he would never ever forget just how happy the man always made him. 

He hummed happily, getting to work on dinner for the two of them without a second thought.

With the new house came a whole new opportunity to do some redecorating. It wasn’t exactly his forte, but considering they’d effectively managed to visit and experience everything within the immediate area, he’d found he had little else left to occupy his time. One of the upstairs bedrooms now had a fresh coat of primer, and he’d just finished laying out a mural on a series of newsprint pages when Broady called him down for dinner.

How the younger man managed to cook after spending all day working on his business, he’d never quite know, but he was thankful nonetheless.

Some time later, he handed a freshly washed plate back over to his husband to dry, casually bumping their hips together as he did so.

Sooo… anything new and exciting happen today?”

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